Rules & Regulations

• No vehicles or RVs will be allowed in or out of the Park one hour prior to the performances on
Friday or Saturday night – only motorcycle and foot traffic until all performances are over.
• No glass allowed in the Park
• No roping off of campsites
• No unauthorized 4-wheelers or golf carts

  • No Guns
  • No Dogs
  • No Attitudes
  • No Nudity
  • Under 18/only with parent

What are the rules about beer?
This has a very interesting answer. While Sturgis, MS is WET for liquor, it is DRY for beer. There is a liquor store in Sturgis, MS but the nearest locations for beer purchase are about 12 miles north and south. We have found that our visitors manage this unique little twist just fine. And, we have found, like we suspected in the formation of the Rally, that there is an enormous interest in having a wholesome, family Rally in Sturgis, MS, in spite of this minor detail.

What are the rules about motorcycle helmets during the Rally?
Mississippi is a helmet law state and we really cannot advise except to remind you that you could be subject to fines if you are not wearing your helmet while traveling the roads and highways. The local law enforcement is very supportive of our Rally and very supportive of riders as long as they are not endangering others or themselves. We ask that you obey all laws while on the road, however while you are inside the City Park the helmet law will be lifted.

Why can't local area residents and non-riders attend the Rally free?
Most events that work to raise proceeds for charity and local improvements normally do ask payment of fees. These fees help to cover expenses, calculate the number of visitors, provide donations to selected charitable organizations, complete local improvements and fund future Rallies. We ask that everyone pay the registration fees --EVEN OUR STAFF!!!. We feel that if someone visits the Rally and hopes to enjoy some of the benefits of the event, sees the visitors and their prized machines, enjoys the activities or entertainment, appreciates the donations to our selected charitable organizations or just finds it worthy of a visit, we would like them to register and pay their fee. If they do not wish to register and/or participate, we do ask that they be patient, and this one wild weekend out of the entire year, that brings a little inconvenience for some, will soon pass. If participating or not, everyone can feel good knowing that it provides a lot of good, clean fun, supports worthy charities and helps the economy of the area. We sure feel good about it!!!