A quarter century ago, the typical motorcycle rider was a male under 25 who would take off on his motorcycle to find freedom out on the open road. Today, 9 in 10 owners are still male, but they tend to be older and more upscale, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. In 1998, when the group conducted its most recent survey, the average motorcycle owner was 38 years old, up from 27 in 1980. The majority - 60 percent - were 35 or older, up from 24 percent in 1980. Their median household income was $44,250 in 1998, up from $17,500 in 1980. And one-third had a household income of $50,000 or more, compared with just 2 percent in 1980. Don't let this valuable market go untapped!!

Our 13th year will feature many advertising and promotional possibilities for any corporate sponsor. A Motorcycle Rally is the ideal venue for product display and increased product visibility. If you would like to be one of our corporate sponsor or supporter of what has become one of the premier events in the Midsouth. Contact our sponsorship department!! For Sponsorship Information:

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